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Are you tired of using traditional media advertising that makes you lose money instead of reaping profits? Are you frustrated that none of your target clients seem to know your product exists or that your product or service is better than the well-established competition? Do you wish to change the old business practice that entrepreneurs need to spend a large sum of money for promotion and advertisements to gain new customers and to ensure loyalty from the old ones? Perhaps it’s time to think out of the box. Consider focusing on Pay Per Click Advertising (Google Adwords)

Web Guru can take your business to new heights.

The Company’s Aim

Established in 2010, Web Guru International has a single aim in mind: to help businesses reach their maximum marketing potential via Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising. It’s a reality that a large number of people all over the world spend a huge chunk of their waking hours wired and connected to the internet. As such, traditional channels of advertising such as commercials shown on television and printed on newspapers and magazines have become slightly ineffective and obsolete in terms of generating consumer awareness on the existence of certain services, products, or businesses. Companies that are afraid of changes face this sad reality on how they can gain a toehold in the online market.

Here’s where Web Guru International can help.

Web Guru International only offers PPC services designed to address a company’s specific concerns on how to make more money via PPC .

Unlike other agencies, we only specialize in PPC. We are not a jack of all trades.

Like what Bruce Lee said: “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”


The founders of Web Guru International have invested time, energy and money resources to equip themselves with the skills and knowledge that are necessary in tackling the challenges inherent in analyzing internet marketing strategies. These experiences learned by Web Guru International founders helped shaped the work ethics of the company in prioritizing solutions for internet marketing concerns.

Web Guru International is certified and accredited by the following: Google & Bing (Mirosoft). The certifications attest that Web Guru International has passed the strict requirements of the three internet-based giant firms.


Furthermore, Web Guru International was established through the founders’ sincere desire to be of service to entrepreneurs who wish to carve a niche in the field of online marketing but are at a loss on how and where to begin. Web Guru is here to point the way to success.

At present, the company supports four non-profit organizations in the Philippines.

  1. Tahanan ng Pagmamahal Foundation
  2. Dao De Gong Temple
  3. Acay Mission Philippines

10% of the company income are donated to these organizations. Aside from monetary support, the founders take time out from their daily schedule to regularly spend time with the NGO beneficiaries.

Web Guru International’s founders based their business philosophy in the rule of Karma. They follow the belief that what goes around comes around. Therefore, Web Guru International only accepts clients whose enterprises have the potential for growth and improvement.

Web Guru International strives for long term, mutually beneficial relationship with its clients: